Feeling it at the gym

The last couple of months I’ve been feeling stagnant.  I injured my knee and haven’t been motivated to work out.

In December, I decided that enough was enough and that I would push myself. I joined Equinox in Woodbury and started training with a personal trainer two days a week.  On the other days, I decided I would force myself to either run or go spinning.

Every day it’s a struggle.  I have an internal fight with myself.  I don’t want to go and work out. I’d rather do anything else!

But yet, once I push myself, I end up taking that class or running on the treadmill and when I complete my workout, I feel amazing.  I feel like I can breathe better, my stress level goes down and I’m totally relaxed.

The trainer started to teach me how to box.  I always wanted to be a boxer.  I used to admire photos of my grandfather boxing in the 1920’s and 30’s and thought that it looked so cool.

The other day, I had my first lesson. I’m probably one of those uncoordinated people, because when he taught me the four boxing punches, I just couldn’t get them right. A hook? Cross? Jab? Upper?

“Now do them altogether,” he said.

I tried but I was jabbing when I should have been crossing and so on.  I joked to the trainer and told him this was the reason why I was always last to be on a sports team in school. He smiled.  (I knew he was agreeing with me internally but knew that if he agreed externally, my motivation would go way down!)

So what I’m looking for from you are strategies and tips on getting myself to go work out.  I know when I’m finished I feel amazing so why is it so hard to get there?

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  1. Lisa

    That’s my struggle right now too. I can’t get myself to the gym. It’s so frustrating because like you, I feel awesome after a good workout.

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