Wait a Second… Those Are My Shoes!

high heeled shoes

While I was in Amsterdam, I noticed a shoe store.  Actually, I noticed many shoe stores but there was one in particular that caught my attention so I walked in.

I looked at the “sale” shoes first.  I didn’t see anything I liked so I walked around the shop. I saw a pair of blue suede boots with brown leather straps.  I fell in love.  (If you know me, you know I fall in love with lots of shoes…)

I took off my walking shoes that I recently purchased at Marmi in Manhattan and put on the boots.  I walked around the store.  As I was walking around, I looked at other boots and shoes in the store.

When I came back to my seat, there were three Dutch women picking up my shoes and talking.  They passed my shoes from one to the other.

“Hey, those are mine,” I said.

“How much?” one of the women asked me.

I was confused.  Does she want to buy my shoes? Does she want to know where I bought it? Should I sell them?

“I bought them in NYC,” I said.

“No, how much you pay?” she said.

“Oh, I don’t know,” I said.  I didn’t want to tell her what I paid, unless she wanted them.  “But you can have them for $200.”

The three women looked at each other, then looked at me.  They didn’t say anything.  They just quickly left the store.


  1. Lori

    HAHA that is hysterical! Imagine if they bought your shoes? You would be out of your walking shoes!

  2. Lisa

    Too funny and AWKWARD!

  3. Sharon Yamamoto

    That’s nuts!  What were they thinking???

  4. Kristie Galvani

    Can’t believe I didn’t hear this one. This is great. Seriously laughing out loud right now.

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