What is Storify and How Can You Benefit?

Storify is an aggregator that pulls information from various social networking sites conversation about a particular topic. You can curate what you want to include from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.  Search for a word or term and Storify will gather a list of conversations around that particular subject.

Why use it?

  • At a conference or workshop, you can live tweet what the presenter is talking about using a designated hashtag and pull together notes from the conference using Storify.
  • It keeps the conversation going even after it’s over.  This enables you to continuously promote the event.
  • You can subscribe to other curator’s works and read about things that happened at other conferences, seminars or workshops that you could not attend.  This enables you to get a jist of what happened at the event.
  • You can gather a feed from a variety of different social sites and pull together a complete story.
  • You don’t need a pen and paper any longer.  Using this, you can write down all your notes and then have a written synopsis of the event.

Why use storify?  Why not?  It is a useful tool that enables you to aggregate your notes and other people’s notes into one place and then saves it forever on the Internet.


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