What’s a TweetUp Anyway?

Sometimes I feel like I speak a different language than everyone else.  But when I’m with my friends from Social Media Club of Long Island, LITweetUp and DBMEi, I feel like, for the most part, we all speak the same language!

For those of you who are not involved with any of these groups, (if you didn’t know, I’m president and founder of the Social Media Club of Long Island) let me tell you a little about a TweetUp and what it’s all about.

According to the Urban Online Dictionary, a TweetUp is an event where people on twitter meet up. However, our TweetUp is for anyone who either has an online presence or is interested in having one. You don’t necessarily have to be on Twitter to join us.

Recently, the three Long Island groups got together and hosted a TweetUp at the Walt Whitman Mall in Huntington.  We had almost 100 people join us and the mall generously donated space and food was provided by California Kitchen, Legal Seafood and Panera Bread.  It was just like a MeetUp or a networking event, except the conversations were much deeper and more on a personal level.  (That’s what happens on social media, we get to know each other before we actually meet up!)

Interested in joining us at the next TweetUp?  It’s free and you’ll meet some amazing people….  Here’s the registration link:


Hope to see you there!


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  1. Lisa

    How was the last tweetup? Are you having another one soon?

    1. Hilary JM Topper

      It was fun. A little different than usual, but fun anyway! The next one will be on the beach. I’m not sure which beach but we’re looking.  Also, the next meeting will host Rob Levin of the NY Enterprise Report… Watch for details!

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