Why Are We So Judgmental?

Why are people so judgmental?

Why don’t we respect each other for who we are?

Why are there so many people out there who judge everything you do, say and wear?

It seemed to me that everyone went crazy about Arnold Schwartznager but did anyone think that his personal life really doesn’t concern the world?

Look at President Bill Clinton when he had the affair with his intern.  What difference did that really make to his presidency? He was still a great president.  This was a personal matter between him and his wife.

Or how about the woman who goes back to work after giving birth.  You know that there are still people out there who don’t respect that and voice their opinions.  And then there are the people who are separated but not legally divorced and they are with someone else.  Why do some people criticize them?  I don’t understand why people don’t keep their opinions to themselves.

It seems to me that most people are so opinionated but if they look at themselves they don’t see the things that they do wrong that could be judged by others.

Come on guys, let’s start taking a look at ourselves before we criticize others for something that makes them happy!

If someone is happy, that’s the most important thing, isn’t it?

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  1. Lori

    Very true Hilary. We have become such a judgmental society, but who are we to talk? We all do things that people do not approve of. People should keep their comments to themselves.

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