5 Tips to Building Leads in a Down Economy

There are more people without jobs today than ever before. Business owners are taking their time making “money” decisions. So what options do you have to build business?

Why not consider developing a lead nurturing campaign?

Here’s how you go about setting this up.

For starters, you need a good call to action button on your website.  This is an offer that will draw in your prospects. You can offer a free webinar, a useful white paper or an instructional video.

Once you have your button on your website, make sure to link that with a subdomain on your website which will be a landing page.  When your prospects fill this out, they will receive their offer and you will receive their email and contact information.

That information should go into a “lead nurturing” campaign.  This is a series of emails that will go out to your prospect.  Most of the time, there are offers attached to the email.  Usually, it’s a series of five different emails within a 3 to 6 month time frame.

Here are five suggestions on what to include in the lead nurturing emails:

1)    Include a link to your blog so that the prospect can subscribe.  This will help draw them in and get to know what you do better;
2)    Include links to articles or other white papers that they would find useful;
3)    Capture the prospects attention with a strong subject line and subhead on the email;
4)    Keep the email short and succinct. People are too busy to read long emails;
5)    Make sure to include a strong call to action to set up an appointment with you for the final email.

By following a lead nurturing campaign, you will build up your database with real prospects who are interested in your business.


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