A Special Moment for Me…

BaruchThe other night I was invited to give a keynote address to the alumni at Baruch College’s Executive MPA program.  I graduated from Baruch in 1991.  I was pregnant at the time and the following year, I gave birth, graduated with my Master’s Degree and started a business.

At the event, I looked around and noticed that many of my classmates were in the audience. That’s when I realized it was so special to be there.  I hadn’t seen these women in so many years. It was incredible to see them again, especially since I knew they lived far from the city.

There were six of us in our study group.  We were assigned the group from the very beginning.  (I don’t even remember how they were selected but I was put in a group with the most amazing women – Linda, Iris, Phyllis, Dale and Rosemary.)

We met two, three sometimes even four days a week and then met up again on the weekend for classes. They became my family.  We had such a tight tie.  We would talk about everything from work to family life.  It was an amazing feeling to have such a great support group.

My keynote address focused on what happened since I graduated. It was really an honor to give back to my Alma mater.

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  1. Lisa

    That is so wonderful! I bet you all had such a great time catching up and reminiscing about your time together!

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