What Is Going On At Spring Training?

My family and I went to spring training in Phoenix to see the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Colorado Rockies do drills before the actual spring training got underway.

When the Diamondbacks were finished for the day, they met the fans in a particular area and signed baseball cards, bats, balls and anything else the fans wanted signed.

What disturbed me was there were massive amounts of folks who had 10 – 15 cards per player asking each players to sign his respected card.   This one couple had everyone on the team and several cards of each.  I went up to them to ask them if they were collectors.

“Of course we are,” the woman told me. “If we ever got divorced, we would be in trouble.”

I shook my head.  I knew she was going to sell the cards on ebay to make a few bucks.

Why should I care that people are capitalizing on the players kind hearts?  Aren’t the players making millions of dollars anyway?

I guess it’s the same thing with downloading illegal music or getting a famous person’s autograph and selling it for a profit.

I don’t like it.  I don’t think it’s right especially since there were kids there wanting the players’ autographs too and some didn’t even get their chance because the players were too absorbed signing the seller’s card.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I feel like the players should sign one autograph per person so that everyone has a chance to get one.

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  1. Ryanmulholland27

    Hmm, not sure if these people will be selling them.  Most people buying an autograph would ask for a certificate of authenticity.  By getting an autograph at a ballpark usually you would just add that to your own personal collection and not be able to sell it.  But I see your point.  I would be more frustrated that each person was asking for 10-15 autographs per player, making everyone else wait.

  2. angela

    I agree. Players should not accommodate people who are in business. But they also should not charge for their autographs as many do.

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