Product Review: New Cold-EEZE Spray

I have a love-hate relationship with this time of the year. I love that the leaves are changing and that the weather is cool, but not freezing. I love putting away my summer clothes and shoes and switching over to fall and winter clothes and boots. But, what I hate...

HuffPost Weird News’ Staff Writer Gets More Facebook Fans By Being Creative

  -------------------------------- David Moye is a Staff Writer for the HuffPost Weird News. He told me that the company wanted him to take advantage of the subscribe button to connect with readers. David was the first one in his vertical to do so and now he has subscribers all over...

It’s Time To Manage! Tip of the Week by Stephen Davies

Time Accountability Hiring When you are hiring new employees, ask candidates about their time management abilities. The best employees are those that can prioritize their work and handle interruptions, so be sure to ask relevant questions to probe in those areas so that you hire somebody who has those skills.

It’s Time To Manage! Tip of the Week by Stephen Davies

Never Delegate Upwards When somebody comes to you with an issue they should figure out themselves, don't allow yourself to relieve them of the burden and take it on yourself. Instead of saying "leave it with me" when this happens, say "never delegate upwards" and ask them for their solution.

It’s Time To Manage! Tip of the Week by Stephen Davies

Interruptions - Stand up When somebody interrupts you while sitting at your desk, stand up. It changes the pace of the interaction and sends a message to the interrupter that they have invaded your time. The more you can send this message, the more effective you will become at protecting...